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Welcome to Absolute Recomp – where goals become achievements,
limits become guidelines, and every workout counts!

North Richland Hills

6428 Davis Blvd, North Richland Hills, TX

Las Colinas

2000 Market Pl Blvd, Irving, TX, 75063

200+ Pieces of

Top Tier Equipment

Why settle for one when you can have TEN DIFFERENT LEG PRESSES? Not to mention a collection of body-building and power lifting equipment to choose from! At Absolute Recomp, we’re exploding with an unparalleled array of industry-leading brands! Gear up to dominate your workouts with top-notch names like Arsenal, Atlantis, Nordic, Rogue, Eleiko, Texas Strength Systems, and so much more! Unleash your power, redefine your limits – that’s the Absolute Recomp way!

Are you ready to
train like a PRO?

Whether your goal is to get ripped, boost your strength, improve your endurance, or simply feel your best, Absolute Recomp is your go-to pro-style gym. Here, your fitness journey becomes an epic adventure, revealing the phenomenal potential within you!

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Diego Reyes
Diego Reyes
October 31, 2023
This was a great gym experience and with their new opening coming up in Las Colinas, I think they’ll make a great gym choice for someone willing to allocate the necessary funds this type of gym. Equipment is a little to close to each other for my liking but overall great gym
Austin Anderson
Austin Anderson
October 15, 2023
Great gym has every machine or piece of equipment you need or want, on top of that amazing staff always great with helping and answering questions(Drew, Jeremiah, Emily, David)
Brandon Summers
Brandon Summers
October 11, 2023
Absolutely love this gym. Large space with plenty of equipment. They have everything I could ever need including supplements to help me along the way. My boy, Drew, got me signed up, took me on a tour, and even helped me find the right preworkout for me. Shoutout to him for being super friendly and making this gym feel like a second home!
Kaden Kempfer
Kaden Kempfer
October 11, 2023
this place is friggin awesome sauce. the vibe is immaculate, the workers are very nice, and the equipment is top notch and frequently refreshed. isaac is great, brax is awesome, drew is very cool, their my buddies for real. and jeremiah put me on to this review so he’s obviously doing his job too. all the workers are nice , never met a bad one.

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