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Meet our Trainers

Annie Brennan

Head Trainer

Hi, my name is Annie! I moved to the United States in October 2020 from Europe where I originally started my training career. My competitive journey started at a young age performing in gymnastics and swim meets. Later down the road I decided to change direction and competed in my first bodybuilding competition – from there I learned to enjoy lifting heavy weight and decided to take on an additional challenge.

I competed at the European Championships in Powerlifting and qualified for Junior Worlds. This process made me realize how passionate I was about the sport, science, and nutrition behinds the scenes and that became my deciding factor into becoming a coach. I thoroughly enjoy training people who are looking for a fat loss phase, building lean muscle through hypertrophy training, and are interested in taking their nutrition to the next level. I currently specialize in in-season and off-season training for sports performance athletes as well as powerlifters. My hope is to share my passion with those around me and those who wish to improve their performance in every aspect of life.

Bryson McDade

Head Trainer

Hello, my name is Bryson McDade. I have been a personal trainer at Absolute Recomp for about a year. I have trained 100+ clients all varying in goals – weight loss, muscle gain, body recomposition, you name it. I enjoy training athletes, individuals with physical limitations, and those who struggle to lose weight.

I pride myself in building relationships with my clients all while achieving their personal goals. I hope to have the opportunity of helping you reach your fitness goals in the near future.

Brendan Styles


Hello, my name is Brendan Styles. My athletic and training background stems from baseball and powerlifting. The gym was and has always been an escape from my personal struggles with mental health, drug addiction, and alcoholism. Going through these struggles brought me into personal training.

My purpose is to offer the same guidance I wish I had so I can help others achieve their fitness goals and navigate their own personal struggles. I’m new to training in a professional setting, however, I have 10+ years of experience. I train athletes, competitors, beginners of all ages, and individuals with physical limitations. Let’s work together on creating the best you.

Justus Lee


Why am I a trainer? I became a trainer solely to have the opportunity to push people to be the best versions of themselves all while achieving their personal and individual goals. I specialize in training athletes through my background of collegiate football. During that time I was pushed by some of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the country.

The knowledge I received from my coaches has helped transform my training style with each client I have worked with. Anyone who has a clear vision on what they want out of their health and fitness journey, anyone who wants someone to be there step by step to keep themselves accountable, I’m here to guide you to that end goal. Absolute Recomp is the perfect place to achieve what you set your mind to and I am so excited to be a part of that journey with you!