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Absolute Recomp


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Our fundamental goal as a company is to help people transform and become the best versions of themselves through 24 hour gym access, personal training for individuals and athletes, and customized nutrition plans and advice to achieve their fitness goals including body recomposition, bulking and cutting, muscle gain, and sports performance.

We have chosen to achieve that goal through fitness. We believe fitness is a powerful catalyst that can lead to improvement in many other areas of life, such as personal confidence, work and school performance, and mental toughness just to name a few.

Featured Benefits

Build Strength

State of the art equipment designed to help you reach your goals of becoming bigger and stronger

Nutrition Plans

Get on a healthy meal plan with our head nutritionist in order to perfect the process of self-improvement

Stay Healthy

Great environment to keep for overall wellness for any age, and any fitness level

Reduce Fat

Get in the best shape of your life while enjoying a positive and fun workout environment

Get Active

Start your fitness journey in the best training facility in Texas no matter what your goals are


Utilize our highly trained professionals to take your performance to the next level

Our Approach

Nutrition Training Personalization


Absolute Recomp has been top notch since I started training here a couple of months ago. Great selection of equipment, great vibe, the owner is always looking to improve the gym in any way.

Michael S.

If you want to take your fitness to the next level and need of accountability, then I suggest you try Absolute Recomp. All of the trainers know what they are doing and really care about helping you succeed in your goals.

Victoria F.

Great training facility! The trainers make you feel comfortable and safe around the environment. I have been going to this facility for about a month now and I do not want to leave after my workout.

Niko L.

Premium Benefits

  • Customized goal plan


  • Personal meal plans


  • One on one personal training


  • Certified professionals always readily available


  • State of the art equipment


  • Positive and fun workout experience
  • 24/7 gym access


  • Cardio and strength equipment


  • Turf/functional training area


  • Calibrated Kg plates and barbells


  • Competition level powerlifting equipment


  • 15+ barbells ranging in functionality and performance